Beste Powerbikes 2021

Beste Powerbikes 2021

June 3, 2021 Off By admin

This Apache Tanka e-bike with 26″ wheels fits the bill as an efficient and accessible form of transport. Whether you commute, or are an urban or leisure cyclist, these Czech made e-bikes are full of value.

Here with a step-through frame and 130kg load capacity, cyclists have both a comfortable ride as well as good handling. It’s an e-bike which will respond cleanly to different traffic situations.

Power is delivered through the Apache Power Silent motor and 36V / 13 Ah battery. Components have the Shimano reliability and there’s a good range of gear choices from the 7 speed system. A simple to use Apache Power LED display keeps you in tune with your range and power output. All finished with an alloy 25kg capacity carrier, adjustable stand, ICE lighting and a multi-tool and spanner kit.

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