Beste Powerbikes 2021

Beste Powerbikes 2021

June 5, 2021 Off By admin

What e-bike offers the most bang for your buck? The answer includes a Bosch motor, a Suntour fork, Shimano disc brakes, trail-friendly tires, and a $300 price drop. More at the link below.

2020 Scott Sub Active eRide 30, $2,199

Back trails, actually.

Yeah, it’s beautiful.

A little wider tires. Front shock.

Even that little shock in the seat, I’m noticing, really smooths out the ride.

You don’t get that too often on a step through.

No, you do not.

All right. Matt and Jody here from Oregon E-Bikes and shock about shocks. So, we’re here with the 2020 Scott Sub Active eRide, that’s actually dropped $300 in price from last year.


Is it a compromise, Matt, or what do we have with this bike?

This is not a compromise at all. This is probably the best value e-bike that you’re going to find anywhere on the market. In Oregon, e-bikes are out and you’ve got the Bosch ActiveLine motor, the smoothest motor, really nice power on and power off. Just feels like you’re riding a regular bike. One of our favorite, if not our favorite motor here.

Okay. And of course I’m partial to the color. They’ve introduced this, I’m calling it midnight navy. And that’s in contrast with the gumwall tires. This nice Selle Royal saddle. Really, the ride and the look says it all for me. But do you want to add anything else for the specs?

Well, the specs, that 2.0 tires on there really smooth out the ride along with the Sun Tour fork, and it’s an easy option to slide that battery out the rear if you wanted to take it inside to charge it or you can charge it on the bike and that Bosch 400 watt UL certified battery, the only UL certified system in North America right now ensures safety and quality.

We’ve got all sizes in stock. They’re at $2,199 for this year, 2020. Come test them, give us a call. We’re happy to have them.

What’s really nice about these, is the easy on and off. You know, you’re stopped and when it’s off no leg swinging, nothing. Jump right back on and I could just get right back on it. Woo. .