Beste Powerbikes Deutschland

Beste Powerbikes Deutschland

July 14, 2021 Off By admin

For current pricing on the Fiido D11 click the link below:

For a detailed written review of the Fiido D11 click the link below:

Our Fiido D11 review showed us that it is the perfect back pocket commuter that’s ready to ride when you are and ready to fold up small when you aren’t. With a large battery pack and a lightweight design, the D11 proves to be a great option for those looking to zip around big cities.

Fiido designed the D11 in a way that works around the inconvenience of locking up and commuting on a larger scale bike. The D11 can easily sit desk side without being noticed by co-workers, until you’re ready to ride.

With a competitive price point, unique engineering, and a design based around big-city commutes, the Fiido D11 is a great option for anybody low on space, and high on the idea of pedaling to and from work.

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0:00 Intro
0:39 Components
2:00 Hill Climb Test
5:48 Range Test
8:00 Brake Test
10:32 Folding Mechanism
11:00 Handling
12:21 Circuit Test
15:29 Final Thoughts .