Beste Powerbikes Europa

Beste Powerbikes Europa

April 5, 2021 Off By admin

Test Ride Tuesday is a new video series by Rad Power Bikes that lets you see how our award-winning electric bikes handle real-world situations.

Can you do a school drop-off with two kids on a RadWagon? What does it feel like to ride a RadRover over loose terrain?

We don’t just put you in someone else’s shoes to answer those questions. We put you in someone else’s pedals. Squash any doubts you may have about ebiking by going along for a ride.

As you’ve probably noticed, some of our electric bike models come with fat tires while others feature narrower ones. A lot of would-be riders in rain-prone climates have reached out to us to ask which perform better in wetter conditions.

To get to the bottom of this, we grabbed a RadRover Step-Thru and a RadCity Step-Thru to show that both can confidently handle those wet roads.

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