Beste Powerbikes Europa

Beste Powerbikes Europa

May 21, 2021 Off By admin

We place our award-winning electric bikes into four categories: off-road, city, cargo, and folding. Whatever your ideal ride looks like, we have a bike built to handle it.

Our electric off-road bikes can carry you and your gear across rough terrain where other bikes wouldn’t feel as safe or stable. They’re built for the wild, which means they’re the perfect electric bikes for hunting, fishing, camping or nearly anything else you can imagine doing in the great outdoors.

They’re designed with a focus on control and stability in mind, including knobby, fat tires and suspension forks that allow your wheels to maintain a solid connection to roots, rocks, and even sand. You might not get the same range that you do on your city bike, and the big tires might make a little more noise on pavement, but you’ll be able to go places no other Rad model can take you. Plus, you’ll have the ability to gear up for any adventure, thanks to a powerful geared hub motor and a full lineup of accessories. Please check you local laws for any restrictions on using ebikes on pedestrian and bike pathways

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