Beste Powerbikes Europa

Beste Powerbikes Europa

September 8, 2021 Off By admin

The Super Monarch Crown AWD 1500 from has crazy power, dual motors, dual batteries and full suspension. It’s also invisible thanks to that camo! Check out my full review at:

⛑️ My safety gear:
Bike helmet:
Motorcycle helmet:
Scooter helmet:
Mesh jacket:
Armored jeans:
Armored boots:
Armored gloves:

🎥 My filming gear:
Pretty product shots:
Invisible selfie stick camera:
Chest mounted camera:

🚲 My favorite e-bikes:
Lectric XP $899:
Ride1Up 500 Series $1,099:
Aventon Level:
Priority Current $2,999:
Rad Power Bikes:
Juiced Bikes:

🛴 My favorite e-scooters:
WideWheel Pro:
Mantis Pro:
Dualtron Thunder:
Turbowheel Lightning:
Emove Cruiser:

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