Beste Powerbikes für Erwachsene

Beste Powerbikes für Erwachsene

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We’ve tried almost every tag along bike and bike towing option out there with our own kids. We know which ones are easy to use, and which ones to avoid!

In this video we’ll cover our favorite tag along bikes & bike attachments for kids, including what age they are best for, and for what biking scenarios.

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They fall under three categories: (1) Tag Along Bikes, (2) Towing Kits, and (3) Tow Ropes.

0:35 1. Tag Along Bikes (also called trailer cycles)
1:24 a. Burley Kazoo
2:03 b. Weeride Co-Pilot
2:26 c. Weehoo Turbo
3:10 2. Towing Kits
3:45 a. Trail Gator
4:23 b. Follow Me Tandem
4:55 3. Tow Ropes
5:34 a. TowWhee
6:08 b. Trax MTB

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Tag along bikes, also known as trailers cycles or trailer bikes, are bike attachments that turn the adult bike into a tandem bike for use with a child. These “half” bikes consist of a handlebar, pedals and a rear tire along with a frame that attaches to the rear of the adult bike.

Burley Kazoo
Best Use: Extended Paved Trail Rides

Unlike other brands, the Burley stands out as its mounting arm attaches to a proprietary rack. Most tag along bikes attach to the adult bike’s seat post. This mounting system not only makes it crazy easy to take the Kazoo on and off, but the Kazoo’s wobble factor is significantly less than tag along bikes from other brands.

Weeride Co-Pilot
Best Use: Short Paved Trail Rides

The Wee-Ride Co-Pilot isn’t as refined as the Burley, but does a great job for its price, especially for shorter rides around the neighborhood.

Weehoo Turbo
Best Use: Keeping Kids Secured, Paved or Single Track Trails

While still a trailer cycle, the Weehoo is unique in that it places the child in a recumbent position, with their body placed much lower to the ground and with the pedals out in front of them instead of underneath them.
The lower position of the child rider allows the Weehoo to be much more nimble and is by far the best option for families who want to hit single-track with young kids.

Towing kits allow you to fix your child’s bike to your bike through either a bar or a sturdy coupler. These kits essentially turn the child’s bike into a trailer bike.

Trail Gator – Tow Bar
Best Use: Towing Kids for Part of a Ride on Paved Trails

The Trail Gator consists of a long mounting bar that securely attaches the child’s bike to the adult’s bike. Once attached, the Trail Gator raises the child’s front tire to allow the bike to be towed. The handlebars are also locked in place to help keep the bike secure while towing.

Follow Me Tandem – Bicycle Coupling Tow Device
Best Use: Towing Kids for Short or Long Distances on Paved Trails

The FollowMe Tandem serves the same function as the Trail Gator, but it’s design is more detailed and precise, resulting in a smoother, more stable ride. With connection points anchored between the rear axle of the adult bike and the front axle of the child bike, it’s a great option for for extended commutes or family biking adventures.

Tow ropes connect the adult bike to the headset of the child’s bike via a thin line or bungee. The ropes are primarily designed to tow less-confident or tired riders up steeper sections of trail, not for long distances or flat trails.

TowWhee Tow Rope
Best Use: Mountain Biking Towing for Uphill or Difficult Sections

The TowWhee consists of a long, fabric-wrapped bungee cord that connects to the saddle of the adult bike and to the headset of the child’s.

Trax MTB
Best Use: Advanced Mountain Bikers
Small, sleek and quite ingenious, the Trax MTB is a thin Kevlar wire that runs from the adult’s seat post to the headset of the bike being pulled. When not in use the wire retracts into a small plastic housing attached to the adult’s seat post. Unlike the TwoWhee that requires storing in a backpack, the Trax MTB is always there when you need it and out of the way when you don’t.

And there you have it! Lots of towing options for every riding scenario! Still not sure which one is best for you? Check out our website for full reviews, or click one of our full video reviews right here! Happy Riding!

Reviewer: Carrie Wren
Videography & Production: Fressia Eames

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