Beste Powerbikes für Erwachsene

Beste Powerbikes für Erwachsene

May 8, 2021 Off By admin

Just a quick overview of my eskate safety gear. I have crashed wearing most of these (except the Avitar) and so far, they have kept me safe.

I am not saying these are the best safety equipment. I’m just using these as examples because these are what I own, and I have been using them for the last 2-3 years so I thought I’d share my experiences with them.

Ideally, I’d recommend the following especially for beginners:
1. A good helmet.
2. Wrist guards or skate gloves
3. Elbow and Knee Pads (Optional)

You can of course wear more protection if you want to. These are just what I feel comfortable riding with.

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0:00 – Intro
0:28 – Abus Hyban V2 Helmet
1:17 – New Olders Avitar V2 Full-Faced Helmet
1:56 – Flatland3D Fingerless Skate Gloves
3:26 – G-Form Elbow and Knee Pads
5:11 – Night Gear

My Gear:
Google Pixel 3 –

Moment 18mm Wide Lens –
Moment 58mm Tele/Portrait Lens –

Vlogging Rig:
Rode VideoMicro –
Rode SC7 Cable –
Ulanzi ST-02S Phone Mount –
Ulanzi U-30 Mini Ball Head-
Ulanzi Mini Tripod Stand –

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