Bester Powerbike-Laden

Bester Powerbike-Laden

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You can find the Shoei Hornet ADV in our webshop at:

You can find the Arai Tour X4 in our webshop at:

You can find the Klim Krios Pro in our webshop at:

Shoei Hornet ADV:
The Shoei Hornet ADV Helmet, known as the Shoei Hornet X2 in the USA, is the successor to the Shoei Hornet, known as the Shoei Hornet DS in the US, and acts as Shoei’s top range dual-sport helmet meant for adventure riding. This means that while this motorcycle helmet is designed to work as a high quality full-face touring helmet on the road, it is also designed with off road riding in mind for those who like to occasionally leave the streets behind.

This dual functionality is going to cost 519 euros, or around 600 USD at its recommended retail price. Though Shoei aren’t ordinarily known for their motocross helmets, the Hornet brings great features that also show clever innovation. At this price point, the Shoei will be competing with the AGV AX9, Schuberth E1, and the Arai Tour X4.

Arai Tour X 4:
The Arai Tour X4 Adventure Helmet, known as the Arai XD-4 in the US, will be the helmet that you’ll want right there with you for your more grand tour adventure. You can wear this helmet three different ways including with the peak and the visor, with the peak and a pair of goggles, or even without the peak and just with the visor. This makes this line from Arai helmets perfect if you’re looking for road helmets that offer a just a bit more, though race helmets would the one area where this helmet falls short. So, you can already start to get an idea of how this helmet can range from a street touring helmet to one suited to adventure riding as well. This helmet will be coming in at a recommended retail price of about 650 Euros, or around 720 US Dollars. So, you are definitely getting a premium helmet with all the options. At this price range, the Arai Tour-X4 will be competing with the Shoei Hornet ADV, AGV AX-9 and the Schuberth E1.

Klim KriosPro:
The Klim Krios Pro Helmet is an adventure helmet derived from the original Klim Krios and is meant to be the lightest adventure helmet available. Carved from the Krios full Karbon Fiber hand laid shell, both are spelled with a K according to Klim, this helmet will pull its weight in keeping your head safe. With its aerodynamic superiority and unrivaled acoustical and contact comfort, the Krios Pro helmet elevates any ride into the ultimate ADV experience.

Since it is an ADV motorcycle helmet, you can adjust its various features including its visor and peak to suit how you’d like to ride. This means that you can use the Krios Pro for street, adventure, dirt, or trail riding since the visor aperture is large enough for goggles.

With a recommended retail price of about 500 Euros, the Klim helmet will be competing with the Shoei Hornet ADV, AGV AX-9, and the Arai Tour X4.

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