Bester Powerbike-Laden

Bester Powerbike-Laden

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You can find the Arai SZ-R VAS in our webshop at:

You can find the Arai Tour X4 in our webshop at:

You can find the Arai RX-7V in our webshop at:

The Arai SZ-R VAS is the latest open face helmet from Arai. It is a jet helmet from the top segment of Arai. Besides extreme safety, this helmet also offers optimal fit and comfort. The helmet has been renewed with a VAS design. The pivot point of the visor is lowered in order to extend the smooth helmet shell surface. This ensures that there is more chance of glancing off of an impact. The ventilation has been upgraded with better ventilation channels and larger, adjustable control buttons. This helmet is prepared for a Pro Shade external sun visor. The interior has also been renewed. It is antibacterial with a neutral acidity level that is close to the acidity of the human skin. Furthermore, this interior is prepared for the speakers of a communication system, without affecting comfort or fit.

Arai Tour X 4:
The Arai Tour X4 Adventure Helmet, known as the Arai XD-4 in the US, will be the helmet that you’ll want right there with you for your more grand tour adventure. You can wear this helmet three different ways including with the peak and the visor, with the peak and a pair of goggles, or even without the peak and just with the visor. This makes this line from Arai helmets perfect if you’re looking for road helmets that offer a just a bit more, though race helmets would the one area where this helmet falls short. So, you can already start to get an idea of how this helmet can range from a street touring helmet to one suited to adventure riding as well. This helmet will be coming in at a recommended retail price of about 650 Euros, or around 720 US Dollars. So, you are definitely getting a premium helmet with all the options. At this price range, the Arai Tour-X4 will be competing with the Shoei Hornet ADV, AGV AX-9 and the Schuberth E1.

Arai RX7V:
Years of knowledge and experience with Arai in the field of Race Helmets, have come together in this top helmet, the Arai RX 7V. Several aspects of the RX 7 GP, the predecessor of the RX 7V, have been improved upon with the RX 7V. The VAS-V visor is the most important point of improvement. The lining has also been renewed with characteristic features. The ventilation system has been improved and optimized. Furthermore, this full-face helmet has the stricter SNELL M2010 certification, in addition to the ECE 22-05 certification. Arai has also released this helmet in Carbon. The carbon version is also the lightest helmet in the world that ever received a SNELL M2010 certification. It is a very exclusive helmet, because only 300 Carbon versions are produced per year. .