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Bester Powerbike-Laden

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“What is the best sport-touring helmet for 2020?” is the question we’ve set out to answer with our road test. We’ve tested the Shark Spartan GT Carbon, the HJC RPHA 70, the Arai Profile-V, the Shoei GT Air 2, and the AGV K6, but which will be best?

Sport-touring helmets are an emerging category of full-face helmets mixing sport performance with touring comfort and convenience. Though sport-touring helmets won’t be as convenient as a modular helmet, due to their fixed chin bar they deal with wind noise much better and will be quieter. These helmets frequently include racing helmet inspired designs coupled with strong comfort and noise isolation as well as the convenience of an integrated drop down sun shade.

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Shark Spartan GT Carbon:
The Shark Spartan GT Carbon is the carbon fibre version of the Shark Spartan GT and the successor to the Shark Spartan Carbon full face helmet. While there are not very many differences between the Shark Spartan-GT Carbon and the Shark Spartan Carbon. The Spartan GT Carbon has a recommended retail price of 480 Euros, or around 530 US dollars, which is 30 euros more expensive than the Spartan Carbon and 80 more than the regular GT.

The sport/touring full face helmet, the RPHA 70, is the successor of the RPHA ST. The RPHA ST was one of the best helmets in its segment and yet they have managed to improve upon it with this helmet, the RPHA 70. The helmet shell is from P.I.M. Plus, consisting of multiple layers of aramid, carbon and fiberglass. By using these materials, the helmet is very light at 1350 grams, despite all the options the helmet has, such as an internal sun visor. The RPHA 70 has been tested in the HJC wind tunnel. That is why the helmet remains extremely stable, even at high speeds. The outer shell is slim,compact and comes in 3 different shell sizes. The ventilation has been renewed as well. The visor comes with an anti-fog lens. The helmet is prepared for the communication system Cardo Packtalk slim.

Arai Profile-V:
Arai has added a brand new Profile helmet to the collection. The Arai Profile-V is an entry-level full-face helmet Grey h a fresh and aggressive look, perfect for riders who are looking for an affordable helmet Grey h the right comfort and safety that we are used to from Arai. Characteristic for this helmet is the high quality. Despite the term entry model you can speak of a true quality helmet. The price is a bit too, but the minimal quality of Arai is often better than the more expensive helmets from other brands. Another Characteristic of this helmet is the ease of use. This is partly due to the so-called Hyper ridge. This is an edge at the bottom of the helmet, which serves to lower the center of gravity and strengthen the helmet. In addition, the helmet is half a centimeter wider at the bottom.

Shoei GT Air 2:
The new Shoei GT-Air 2 helmet is the long anticipated successor to the very successful original GT-AIR. The GT Air II is a sports touring helmet. Meaning it is an all-round full face helmet that has the comfort of a touring helmet. It has the looks of a sports helmet. Where the Shoei X-Spirit 3 is a real race helmet and the Shoei Neotec 2 is a real touring helmet, the GT-Air 2 kind of sits in between those two. It does both the jobs very well, but if you are looking for a full face to fly around the track with, the Shoei X-Spirit 3 is probably a better choice. And if you are regularly taking weekend trips on your touring bike, the Neotec 2 might be the better choice. The GT Air 2 will perfectly cover you for everything in between. The original GT-Air was one of the best fullface sport touring helmet, so it was quite a task to improve this. But we at Champion Helmets believe that Shoei has done a great job in making several improvements to this stable and comfortable helmet.

The AGV K6 is a mid-range Sportsbike helmet that caters to pretty much any kind of rider out there. This Full-Face Helmet with an aerodynamic design and strong ventilation is sporty enough for pretty much anyone on the road. The inner liner will keep you comfortable after a full day of touring. So where does it fit in? Well coming in at 430 Euro or about 480 USD at the RRP, it sits just above the K5 S and a good 300 Euro below the Corsa R. .