Bestes Powerbike Elektro

Bestes Powerbike Elektro

June 28, 2021 Off By admin

In this review we will present to you the Mach 1 electric scooter 800w, a Vw Diesel CAR vs. Electric scooter top speed, race,
dooing 2 runs (german engineering vs german engineering), and at the end just riding it; elektro scooter.
This is the most incredible transportation metod in the city, or just playing and riding. This is not for Highway. The electric scooter can be folded for easy transportation.

1x model 4 36V / 800W
1x battery depending on the choice, in the upper variant
1x seat detachable
1x Charger 36V
1x Tool Set
3 x 12v at 12A
————————————————– ——————————

Product description:

The front and rear wheel has perforated Wave disc brakes.
Disc brake system with fine adjustment of the brake pads.
The rear wheel is equipped with two adjustable suspension.
The tires are filled with air and equipped with a standard Schrader valve.
The rims are in two parts for easy replacement.
The drive is backed by a reliable chain drive.
The throttle is designed like a motorcycle than turning handle.
Charge indicator on throttle and ignition key on the handlebar.
Charging the battery is charged by an external charger device that is connected to a 230V socket.
The charger is plugged directly into the scooter, the batteries must be taken to not.
The scooter can be folded.
Operating instructions in German of course.
People with weight up to 120kg, and gradients are no problem for these scooters.
Battery: Depending on the choice, in the upper variant !!
Charging time: 6 – 8 hours
Range: up to 30 km
Length of Scooter’s: about 124 cm
Height of Scooter’s: about 119 cm
Ground clearance: ca.11,5 cm
Tire height: 28 cm
Tire width: ca. 9,5 cm
Weight: 25,5 kg without batteries
Weight: approximately 39.5 kg with batteries
Motor 800W. .